Samuel Kim is a Korean-Canadian Film and TV composer and Sound Designer.
He is fluent in the diverse musical languages and is also a versatile multi-instrumentalist.
He is now a prolific film composer and sound designer, residing in Vancouver.

Samuel’s work exemplifies both breadth and depth. Through a mastery of orchestral composition and modern electronica, his music creates the heart-pounding scores of award-winning films such as She Has a Name (2016) and Save My Seoul (2017), while also excelling at a diverse array of genres.

He is studying under Emmy nominated composer/songwriter, Daniel Ingram, and has been given the opportunity to work along side many of the industry's leading and most talented people.

Samuel's clients always find him a vital part of their production because of his talent, drive, and professionalism.
He is an emerging talent in the film music world. With a growing portfolio of work across a variety of genres, Samuel is bringing a fresh and unique compositional style to each project.

When he is not composing, Samuel can be found traveling the world throughout Africa and the Middle East where he uses music to empower and inspire action to those in need; especially the refugees.
Through those experiences, he gains his musical inspiration which greatly affects his unique creativity.


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